On the ball | They protest for signing Bauer

“If baseball is not a business, General Motors is a sport”… Jim Murray.

The Colombian catcher from Arjona, Bolívar, Ronaldo Hernández, arrives at the Red Sox with such a halo that a scout told me ...: "In the bat and in the arm, this boy has something to be the Johnny Bench of this time" . The 23-year-old Ronaldo was the product of a four-player trade that led the Rays to two Boston pitching prospects. In five years in the minors, Ronaldo has hit 293, 41 homers, 218 RBIs ...

Bartolo Colón, who will celebrate his 48 years of age on May 24, did not play in 2020, because he had been hired by the Acereros de Monclova, and there was no Mexican season due to the pandemic. But this time he does travel to Mexico, even though he wants to retire pitching for the Mets. He has just told ESPN's Marly Rivera ...:

“The Mets were something special for me. I have played with 10 major league teams, but the way the other players of them treated me, as well as the great executives and even the kitchen staff, everyone! Was astonishing. And the Mets fans are the best in the world. If I could decide, I would retire pitching with the Mets. With them I want to finish my career ”.

"Some love relationships end very well ... but others end in marriage" ... La Pimpi.

The minor leagues will be completely different this year. To begin with, instead of more than 400 teams, there will be only 120, four from each organization, one class A low, another class A high, one double A and the other triple A. Before there were up to 12 teams from one home. The franchises will be close to the headquarters of the big team. All triple A, about 200 miles.

In Los Angeles, fans and journalists have protested the Dodgers' acquisition of Trevor Bauer, even though the 30-year-old right-hander won the Cy Young last year at 5-4, 1.73. They allege that this was a chucuta season, which does not say what the man can achieve by starting 35 games instead of 11. And they point out how in 2019 he had horrible finishes, 2-5, 6.39.

The president of baseball operations of the Dodgers, Andrew Friwdman, said he was surprised by such disagreement, "since in 2019 he was injured, and if it is the best free agent pitcher." The biggest problem is that they have signed him for 102 million dollars for three seasons, thus, 40 million in 2021, 45 million in 2022 and 17 million in 2023 ...

"When he was in front of the doctor, the cow said ...: Doctor, I'm very stuck!" ...

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.



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