How to introduce a kitten to an adult cat?

If you already have other pets, such as an adult cat, and you have decided to bring a puppy cat home, the presentation between them should be carefully planned. 
Generally, adult cats will take the presence of a new feline badly, no matter how old it is. They will seek to defend their territory at all costs and must gradually get used to the new companion who came home. It is a process that requires patience and time.

During the first weeks it is best for them to live in separate rooms, eat separately and monitor the contact between them so that, literally, blood does not flow. In addition, you can take these recommendations into account: 

1.Cut out the claws of both cats.

2.You can allow the adult cat to sniff the kitten and the kitten may growl at first.

3.If the adult cat attacks the puppy you must separate them immediately, if not, it is better not to interfere more than necessary. 

This process can take up to a month but it is generally easier to introduce a puppy cat than an adult cat to a home where there are already felines. 

Source: Cat Care Manual by Andrew Edney 



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