102 hearing aids are delivered to people with disabilities

Guaireños receive hearing aids for free

More than 100 hearing aids and 13 corrective lenses received people with hearing disabilities from La Guiara through the program "Listen to Renacer a Dream" of the municipal government of Vargas.

This is the third installment of 2021, after the installation of the audiometry laboratory on the central coast, through an agreement with the national government, which lowers costs in the manufacture of hearing aids.

This was stated by José Alejandro Terán, mayor of Vargas, during the delivery ceremony in the Colonial Quarter of La Guaira, “each hearing aid has a cost of 800 euros, which represents a total investment of 81.600 euros in the capitalist market for the 102 hearing aids and here we deliver it free of charge.

He said that they seek to eliminate the barriers that afflict people with hearing disabilities in the municipality and other states of Venezuela.

“This is an act of love and social justice for people with hearing disabilities, this contributes to social and productive insertion. It is important to reestablish communication with their families and loved ones,

To date, some 881 hearing aids have been delivered in the last three years, through the acquisition of own resources from the municipality and the national government.

They sensitize Guaireños in the matter of autism

Lack of language at an early age, lack of eye contact, difficulty in socializing, are some of the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that Guaireños learned to identify during a day to raise awareness about autism.

The initiative is developed for the International Day of Nonviolence, by community leaders and the Citizen Actions Opportunity Center, who seek to identify ASD at an early age and the personal, work and physical development of those who have autism.

Freddy Sánchez, pediatrician and childcare provider, a specialist in autism, explained that this disorder affects one in every 28 people at different levels, being more frequent in males than in females.

Sánchez explained that it is necessary for parents, family members, teachers, health personnel and communities to acquire tools to recognize when they are in front of a person with ASD.

Therefore, it is important to identify when a person has a lack of empathy, literal understanding of things, monotonous voice, stereotyped or disruptive behavior, sensory disorders, allergic and gastrointestinal complications, among others.

Elizabeth León, coordinator of Oportunidad, affirmed that the intention is to reach everyone in the communities and population of the Guaireño coast, in order to generate changes in the environment where people with ASD develop.

Therefore, they will promote workshops and productive enterprises by mothers of TEA children and the creation of specialized services for this population.



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