Community members of La Guaira receive financing

More than Bs 349.000 were given to communal councils and communes of La Guaira, to develop projects in the agricultural area, drinking water and infrastructure, thanks to the contribution of the Federal Council of Government.

A total of seven communal councils and three communes were benefited, after the recruitment of potential entrepreneurs and producers in each community, indicated Mauricio Báez, coordinator of the Federal Council of Government.

"We want to promote their ideas through loans, according to the development needs of the communities," said Báez, referring to the process of training the communes for planning, execution and monitoring of projects.

Carmen Rodríguez, beneficiary community leader, indicated that the community economy is not based on the development of skills and abilities of each community, "we must know the resources are not only economic, but the talent, skills and capacities to generate resources."

During the delivery, held in the Protocol Chamber of the Plaza Bolívar Chávez de La Guaira, a development plan for community projects was formalized, which will be carried out by the Secretariat of Popular Participation of the La Guaira governorate, announced the governor (E), José Manuel Suarez.

«We will gradually attract new entrepreneurs. I applaud each plan that represents the empowerment of the state, because between economic war and blockades, the initiative will make us free and independent, "said Suárez



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