Fernández congratulated Castillo as president-elect of Peru

The Argentine president is the first to recognize Castillo's triumph. Photo Archive

Argentine President Alberto Fernández was the first president on Thursday to congratulate leftist candidate Pedro Castillo as the elected ruler of Peru, although his proclamation is still pending due to a demand from his opponent, the right-wing Keiko Fujimori, AFP reported Thursday.

“Today (Thursday) I contacted @PedroCastilloTe, president-elect of Peru. I expressed my wish that we join forces in favor of Latin America. We are deeply twinned nations. I celebrate that the dear Peruvian people face the future in democracy and with institutional solidity, ”Fernández, a center-left Peronist, wrote on Twitter.

Castillo has not yet been officially proclaimed the winner, but he leads Sunday's ballot with a narrow lead, which continues to drop.

With 99,9% of the polls scrutinized, the leftist candidate has 50,2% of the votes, compared to 49,7% for Fujimori.

According to the official count, candidate Castillo today has an advantage of 71 votes against his opponent Keiko Fujimori, impossible to overcome, but cannot be proclaimed by massive challenges from his rival.

The right-wing candidate asked the National Elections Jury to annul the results of 802 polling stations - which imply about 200.000 votes - for alleged irregularities. The evidence of alleged fraud that Fujimori's party has presented up to now is neither conclusive nor does it show any irregularity.

Alberto Fernández's greeting is the first from abroad to acknowledge the victory of Pedro Castillo, who has the victory practically in his hands and is preparing for a celebration with thousands of peasants who are marching towards the Peruvian capital.



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