Cilia Flores: with the youth there is a Revolution for a while

Deputy Cilia Flores, celebrated the incorporation of the youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela to the fight for the revolutionary process. “Every year many more young people must be incorporated. You feel proud when you listen to them and you realize that Chávez did not plow into the sea, nor did President Maduro. There is a youth that guarantees the nation that the revolution is here to stay, with this youth it is the guarantee that the revolution will continue in time and space, ”she said during the ceremony.

"Our young people are intelligent, they have a noble heart, they are on the path of Chávez, with the humanist and Christian project, that is seen by their actions, it is seen when one sees them working for others, together with the people," said the First Combatant.

She stressed that the Psuvista youth do sports, work, build “and there is still time to defend the Bolivarian Revolution in the street. The Revolution is here to stay and it will be with you ”.

Finally, she sent a greeting of support and solidarity to the candidates from the Cojedes state, especially from Tinaquillo, the place where the First Combatant was born.



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