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In Guanare they clean and channel pipes and streams 

Maintenance work is carried out before the approaching rains

Taking advantage of the summer days and given the approach of winter, a plan to clean and channel the pipes and streams that tend to overflow, causing damage to residential areas and road arteries, is being carried out in Guanare, the capital of the Portuguesa state.

The work is carried out by crews from the Municipality's Directorate of Public Services and is carried out with the intention of improving the flow of the channels and minimizing the risks of flooding, according to Guanare mayor Óscar Novoa.

The works are currently focused on the Quebrada Las Piedras, which crosses part of the city center and where, according to the municipal president, a dredging process is being carried out, with a backhoe and a jumbo that operate at the height of the The Cemetery neighborhood. Under the bridges through which the channel passes, stones, sediments and other materials are also removed, but manually, with a pick and shovel, because the levels of obstruction prevent the access of yellow machinery.

Another channel that is being intervened is the Caño Medero, in the eastern part of the city, with cleaning and channeling work that has been going on for nine days and is expected to be completed in the shortest possible time, to prevent flooding in six communities that are It is considered that they are at risk, given that year after year the rains are felt more strongly in the area, as a result of the overflow of the riverbed and the damage that this causes both at the level of houses and land.

Channels under maintenance 

In Guanare, the drainage channels of different neighborhoods, urbanizations and avenues are also the subject of a cleaning and preventive maintenance plan, so that the waters flow freely when rainfall enters.

Such is the case of the canals that serve as drainage for the San José and Los Guasimitos communities, the pilot irrigation canal located on José María Vargas avenue and the one on Bicentenario avenue, near the La Enriquera neighborhood, where the teams of the Municipal Directorate of Public Services remove organic and inorganic waste with machines to avoid collapse.

Culvert replacement

At the sewer network level, a cleaning and replacement plan was initiated to optimize the drainage systems in Guanare and mitigate the risks of flooding in winter. 

"We have several sewers in poor condition and our team of blacksmiths has already started working to carry out the respective replacement," said the municipal president.

Novoa recently inspected the city's sewage system and this allowed him to verify the conditions of the city's drainage, for which he instructed that the pertinent changes be made to guarantee both the tranquility of drivers and the population in general during the rainy season .

He affirmed that a large part of the system is deteriorated in its structure and also collapsed due to the accumulation of waste and solid waste, which is why maintenance work was intensified with a preventive and corrective plan, which will be fulfilled permanently.

"There are many tasks, but with a vocation for service and political will we are overcoming adversities and moving forward," he stressed.

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