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They will create two Tourism Development Zones in Portuguesa

The objective is to promote and position the state as a megadiverse destination

Two Tourism Development Zones (ZDT) will be created in Portuguesa to advance the positioning of the state as a megadiverse destination that has multiple scenarios for adventure, mountain, plain and religious tourism.

“That is one of the tasks to be carried out in Portuguesa and we will start next week,” announced this Wednesday the Minister for Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón, who headed the first session of the region's Higher Tourism Body in Araure.

He reported that with the ZDT, “the entire ecosystem conducive to tourism development” will be promoted, which in the first phase will allow promoting the potential and attractions of Portuguesa in terms of gastronomy, history, heritage, art and culture and the many experiences it offers. in its different municipalities for the enjoyment and exploration of mountains and plains, coffee and cocoa routes, bird watching, among others.

The ZDTs have varied resources and are delimited by state and municipal bodies, in accordance with their respective territorial planning plans and other territorial management instruments. According to Padrón, they allow the tourist economy to be supported with multiple benefits for local development, given that they promote the planning of the territory - prioritizing the areas with the greatest tourist potential -, the sustainable use and exploitation of resources, the stimulation of private initiative, the generation of jobs, tax incentives and improvements in the quality of life.

Great consensus

The Minister said that Portuguesa is evaluating which two ZDTs would be, and further advanced the intention that one of them be established on the Acarigua-Araure axis. “There is a proposal and we must evaluate the possibilities,” he pointed out.

He specified that the goal is to deliver both axes of tourism development before the end of 2024 and to define them, the proposals and recommendations of service providers and all actors in the tourism sector in the region will be heard. “It will be a great consensus,” he said.

He maintained that “Portuguesa is a very complete and productive state,” which is why the joint work of the public and private sectors will be strengthened so that the entity has tourism as one of its fundamental elements of development, growth and social inclusion.

Tourist agenda

During the first session of the Higher Tourism Body of Portuguesa, it was agreed to develop an agenda of tourist activities with business conferences, symposiums, fairs and other events aimed at placing Portuguesa on the “tourism radar.”

Padrón reported that the first appointment will be at the Expo Ferias de Páez 2024, which will be held in Acarigua from June 13 to 15 at the Manga General José Antonio Páez, regarding the 234 years of the birth of the eponymous hero.

With three pavilions and more than 60 stands, the event organized by the Mayor's Office will show the production of goods and services from various national, regional and local companies, providing the opportunity to establish business alliances and strengthen local economic development.

The municipal president, Rafael Torrealba, pointed out that the Expo will have business and conference rooms, a machinery and livestock exhibition area, and a concert and food area.

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