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The Sewage Festival began in Portuguese

The plan contemplates the maintenance and rehabilitation of sewage networks in the 14 municipalities

The Sewage Festival began in the Portuguesa state with actions aimed at preventing and correcting the collapse of the collectors and thus improving the service and living conditions in urban and rural areas.

The new Government plan contemplates the cleaning, maintenance and rehabilitation of the sewage networks in the 14 municipalities of the entity and is carried out in coordination with the Ministry for Water, as announced the first week of this month the regional president, Primitivo Cedeño, after meeting in Caracas with the head of that office, Rodolfo Marco Torres.

The work is in charge of the Socialist Hydrological Company of Portuguesa (Hidrosportuguesa) and began in Guanare, the state capital, with the reconstruction of the main collector that serves the Andrés Eloy Blanco urbanization, where in response to VenApp reports they were replaced more than 30 meters of pipe. 

According to an information bulletin from the regional government, the inhabitants of the area suffered for two years from the consequences of this section that fell into the network, "a situation that today was solved through the 1×10 of Good Government."

The action will be progressive 

The Sewage Festival will progressively reach all of Portuguesa and will initially continue its action in Guanare to remedy the damage to both main and secondary collectors and respond to all sectors that have service deficits.

The schedule indicates that the plan will soon be extended to the Guanarito municipality to finish resolving the sewage problem in that town, since there have been repairs and changes to the pipeline that has already completed its useful life, managing to reverse the collapse of some points and advance in the recovery of the service. 

For Governor Primitivo Cedeño, the Sewage Festival and the other plans that are being carried out in Portuguesa to improve the supply of drinking water, public lighting, roads, domestic gas distribution and health care, have their origin on the premise that "without quality of life there is no socialism and without services there is no quality of life".

307 drinking water wells rehabilitated

In Portuguesa, an aggressive plan to restore the drinking water production and distribution systems is also being carried out, with which 307 wells that were inoperative have been recovered and put into operation.

This is the Water Festival and its execution is also carried out by the regional hydrological company, whose statistics indicate that since 2022 millions of liters per day have been recovered and incorporated into the distribution network, guaranteeing the supply of almost 800.000 people throughout Portuguesa. .

The Hidrosportuguesa reports show that this plan has effectively and efficiently met the demand for drinking water, improving the flow of the vital liquid through pipes and reactivating the supply in urban and rural areas that for months, and even for years, were devoid of service.

In addition, with the Water Festival, an immediate response is given to the requests made by the communities themselves through the VenApp application, exceeding the national average of attention and reaching 99,26% effectiveness in the attention of the 1×10 reports. of the Good Government. Of the 2.027 requests, 2.012 have been addressed and resolved and 15 are in process, reported Nadedjha de Basile, president of Hidrosportuguesa.

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