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Guanare prepares a great party to receive its seventh Bishop

Owaldo Araque Valerio will be the first bishop to be ordained in Guanare

Next July 1 will be the epicospal ordination and inauguration of the new Bishop of Guanare, Owaldo Araque Valerio, and the Diocese will dress up as a party to celebrate the apostolic succession together with ecclesiastical authorities from all over the country and faithful Catholics from Valencia , Carora, Boconó, Barquisimeto, Caracas and Maracay, among other areas.

At a press conference, the diocesan clergy announced that the ceremony will take place at 9:00 in the morning in the Minor Basilica, National Sanctuary of the Virgin of Coromoto, with a Holy Eucharist attended by Cardinal Baltazar Porras, all the bishops of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (CEV) and priests from all over the country. That day the Eucharists will be suspended in the rest of the parishes of Guanare.

The authorities of the Catholic Church in Guanare said they were happy and full of joy at the arrival of the new pastor, who is the seventh bishop of Guanare and the first to be ordained in Coromontan lands. For the occasion, they have prepared two days of liturgical activities that, according to the rector of the Coromoto Sanctuary, Allender Hernández, "will not be mere protocol acts, but acts of manifestation of faith, love, dedication and generosity".

The Bishop will officiate his first pontifical mass on Sunday 2

Araque, from the clergy of the Archdiocese of Barquisimeto, until now Vicar General and Parish Priest of San Pedro in the twilight city, will assume the diocesan government of Guanare on Saturday, July 1, and will officiate his first pontifical mass on Sunday, July 2, at the Guanare Cathedral Basilica. , at 9:00 in the morning.

"We are going to welcome him as one more son of this land of the Most Holy Coromoto," said the rector of the Cathedral, Joel Briceño, noting that the new Bishop will arrive at his new home -the Guanare Cathedral- and there he will concelebrate the Eucharistic ceremony with Bishop Emeritus José de la Trinidad Valera Angulo, who has been in charge of the Diocese of Guanare for eleven years and presented his resignation at the age of 75. 

recollection in prayer

On the eve of the apostolic succession, all the parishes of the Diocese of Guanare are in prayer so that "all the decisions of the new Bishop are in favor of union and common work for the cause of the Gospel", declared the apostolic administrator and bishop emeritus, José de la Trinidad Valero Angulo.

He argued that "the arrival of the Bishop implies for the Diocese a search for daily conversion" and hence the importance of gathering the faithful in prayer, so that their management is based on faith, hope, closeness and union with all sectors. .

"The welcome to Monsignor is not a protocol that is followed, but a faith that is lived... we know that he is a man of faith, a simple man with very clear principles who will come with all the strength and dedication to perform and serve completely to the Diocese of Guanare”, he expressed.

Valero Angulo asked the Guanarean parishioners to continue in prayer until they receive "the new successor of the apostles, who comes with a missionary spirit to continue evangelization."

More than 380 officials will guarantee security

The diocesan authorities of Guanare indicated that during July 1 and 2 there will be a deployment of 383 officials from the different security agencies, who will ensure the integrity of the parishioners and the maintenance of public order in the liturgical activities scheduled on the occasion of the apostolic succession.

Although they did not give estimates of the number of people who will attend the ordination and inauguration of the new Bishop, they said they are aware that it will be a massive mobilization and for this reason they appreciate the support of the Portuguesa Government, which, in addition to security personnel, assigned 44 motorcycles, two ambulances and 15 military vehicles for the protection of locals and visitors.

They commented that the regional Executive also promised to support the mobilization of parishioners to the National Shrine with buses, with a minimum of two units for the parishes near the center of the city. Additionally, the possibility of enabling other routes is considered to guarantee the transfer of the inhabitants of neighboring towns to Guanare such as San Nicolás and Papelón.

In the same way, the parish priests said that they will seek additional mechanisms with the parishioners to pay for the mobilization and thus have more vehicles, since an attendance similar to that registered on September 8 is expected, regarding the celebration of the apparition of the Virgin of Coromoto.

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