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Ty Cobb: 9 straight batting titles

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“My dog ​​is a Doberman”…

“So what?!… my jack is hydraulic.”

The Question of the Week: Only in his second Major League season, and at 22 years of age, the Dominican, Elly De La Cruz, of the Reds, astonishes with his speed and abilities to steal bases. This year he has already stolen 32 in 37 attempts, so he could reach a hundred. So, who were the last to steal 100 bases in a season?

The Answer: The 1980s were rich in stolen bases. Vince Coleman, with the Cardinals, stole more than a hundred bases three years in a row, and it was the last one at that point. He stole 110 in 1985, 107 in 1986 and 109 in 1987. And Rickey Henderson, with the A's, had stolen 100 in 1980; 130 in 1982 and 108 in 1983.

Correction in time… I greatly appreciate the help of my dear readers, Eleazar Leal, Sinecio Peñaranda, Ignacio Chap and Luigio Semprún. They reported that Ty Cobb won nine consecutive batting championships in the American League, 1907-1915. I had posted wrongly, only the líder of the National, with six titles in a row, Rogers Hornsby, Cardinals, since 1925... With readers like these, the column will always be immaculate!...

“They don't wet, but they soak.”… Yankees manager Aaron Boone used a phrase in English that says, more or less that, to refer to the Dominican Azúa, the right-handed pitcher, Luis Gil, and the Caracas infielder, Gleyber. Towers. He noted Boone that “on numerous occasions, they have been the unexpected keys to important victories.” By the way, I think all victories are important…

“It is not the same, 'I am reinventing myself' as 'I am bursting'… La Pimpi.-

Change of manager... White Sox executives, led by the new general manager, Chris Getz, yesterday put in the hands of the owner of the organization, Jerry Reinsdorf, the need to fire the manager, Pedro Grifol, a native of here, Miami, and who has been in charge of the whitelegs since 2023, when he made his debut in the Major Leagues.

This club, from South Chicago, lost 12 games in a row, including one that they were winning 5-0, and their record, before last night's game at the Cubs' home, was only 15-46.
The atmosphere in the White Sox clubhouse yesterday was gloomy.

“If Superman had been invented today, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster would have introduced him with a long beard. And if Quino had invented Mafalda today, instead of a skirt, she would have dressed her only with dental floss”…La Pimpi.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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