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To order Red Sox star shortstop

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

“If marriage were as good as they say, the Catholic Church would have already prohibited it”… Happy Saturdays.

The Question of the Week…: All the games were daytime in the Major Leagues and in the other categories of baseball. There was no electric lighting in any stadium. Next Tuesday the 24th, it will be 87 years since all that changed. Do you know the details?

The Answer…: On the night of May 24, 1935, the President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, pressed a switch in the White House, which supposedly turned on the 363 light bulbs that had been installed in Crosley Field, the then home of the Reds. The visitors were the Phillies, who lost 2-1. The winning pitcher, Paúl Derringer, threw the nine innings, in 1:35 hours.

The Boston drama. The Red Sox pack Fenway Park every game, but the team's start to 2022 has been horrible. They only surpass the Orioles in the Division, because, with a 14-21 record, they are 12 games behind the leading Yankees.

That is why they have thought of putting one of their best players on the market, the shortstop, Xánder Bogaerts, signed for 80 million until 2025, with an option for another 20 million for 2026.

Bogaerts, a stellar defensive player, is batting .346, and his batting average over 10 seasons is .291…

From seeing bigleaguers with feminine clinejitas and dyed hair, like boxers with colored skirts, I decided to wear panties... The one who is furious is Barbarita, because I took them off, and she hadn't given me permission.

Leftover pitcher.- Another to the order of those who want to negotiate, is the left-handed pitcher of the Dodgers, winner of the Cy Young, David Price. At 36, he's left over on the Los Angeles roster, so he's only appeared in five games, as a reliever. And Price came to the Dodgers, via the Red Sox, in exchange for Mokie Betts...

Golden assholes.- The assholes, who elect for the Hall of Fame via Golden Gloves, would have elevated Jim Kaat years ago, because he won 16 of those trophies. Sure, he used the "Rawlings" brand. Kaat, 83, once a fine left-handed pitcher, has finally been chosen for Coopertown by one of the Veterans Committees. He will be elevated on Sunday, July 24…

"If so many people have seen aliens, why haven't they taken photos or videos of them, with the heap of cell phones that there are now in this world"... JV

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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