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Ohtani can collect $581.166

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

“The divorce pension is the high price paid for having loved”… Joey Adams.

The question of the week: The charging ladies in baseball! An international event in the coming days will demonstrate how women progress as baseball players. Do you know what is it about?

The answer: The United States Women's National Baseball Team will play the Canadian National Team five times. It will be friendly competition, between July 28 and August XNUMX, in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Some of the stars of the USA, Alex Hugo, Ashton Lansdell, Kelsie Whitmore, Anna Kimbrell and Malaika Underwood.

The young man is missing. Zuliano Ender Inciarte is seriously in the Mets 2022 plans, according to manager Buck Showalter. Ender, 31, was acquired by the Flushing club and sent to the minors after the Braves released him. "Our scouts think that kid is in pretty good shape," Showalter said. “He is young and very enthusiastic for the game. We're going to be in contention for the postseason, so we're going to need him." Ender is batting .280 in eight seasons, 42 home runs, 263 RBIs and 118 steals in 163 attempts...

“A single bigleaguer is the answer to a mother's prayers about her daughter's future”… Joey Adams.

Unique in history. Mike Trout (Angels) added another record to his bigleaguer career collection. He has been the first in 152 major league years who has hit four home runs in a series, all driving in the winning run of each game. It happened against the Mariners, whom the Angels won four of the five games in the series...

More of the Angels, with Ohtani. Arturo Moreno and minions pay Shohei Ohtani, 27, five million 500 thousand dollars for this season. But in February he can go to arbitration if they don't offer him what he deserves. Mike Trout gets paid $37 a year and doesn't have to pitch every four days; while Noah Sindergaard is signed for 116 million per season and only has to start games every four days. I imagine that the agents of the Japanese, CAA Sports, are thinking of no less than 667 million per year, or 21 dollars for 58 seasons... I say, right?...

“A genius is a talented person who has already died”… Joey Adams.

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