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May Ángel Hernández rest at home!

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“Without umpires there is no baseball. But, with umpires like Ángel Hernández, what there is is chaos.”.JV

Question of the week: Hitting a home run in a Major League game is a feat. But there are 18 who served the ball four times in a game. Score 11 points for each one you remember.

The answer: Carlos Delgado, JD Martínez, Josh Hamilton, Scooter Gennett, Mike Cameron, Shawn Green, Mark Witten, Mike Schmidt, Willie Mays, Bob Horner, Rocky Colavito, Joe Adcock, Gil Hodges, Pat Seerey, Chuck Klein, Lou Gehrig , Ed Delahanty, Bobby Lowe. They asked him to resign or they would throw him out immediately.

Finally, what should have happened years ago happened: The worst umpire in the history of baseball, Cuban Ángel Hernández, 62 years old, is at home, with his family, instead of causing so many inconveniences on the baseball field. , for such poor quality of work that it was disgusting.

Hernández exhibited his stupid quality in the Majors since 1992, when he also worked in Venezuela. Some managers, coaches and players were horrified to learn that they would have games with him as a judge.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said: “When Ángel Hernández appeared on the field, there was terror in the entire atmosphere, and not on one side, but on both teams.”

“Even if you don't love your father, lie to him from time to time by telling him that you do love him. It is a very good work of charity”… Dick Secades.

“Your parents have loved you all your life for free”… Joseph McKadew.

Tremendous launch never seen before. The world of the minors, and especially that of scouts, has fallen in amazement at the unknown pitch thrown by a right-handed prospect from the Cardinals, named Ettore Guilianelli.

The young man, 21 years old, is in his fourth season in the minors, now in Class A, Palm Beach, here in Florida, and all he lacks is control to be incorporated into the St. Louis roster.

The ball thrown by Ettore falls 32 inches like a curve, while, in the shape of a screwball, it slides eight inches to his right, at more than two thousand revolutions per minute. The scouts believe that, if he manages to control that pitch, no one will be able to hit it. And this is confirmed by hitters who have suffered it, such as the Dominican right-hander, José De La Cruz, from the Lakeland team (Tigres).

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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