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Less than 8 million pay Padres to Soto

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

“In Miami, Spanish is spoken in restaurants, shops, hotels, on the streets. A foreigner may think that what is not spoken in Miami is English”… Eladio Secades.-

Only less than eight million dollars, do the Padres have to pay Juan Soto, for what remains of the season. The Dominican was signed by the Nationals for 17 million for the entire campaign... But in the meantime, Juan, his agent Scott Boras and the people of San Diego will have to discuss whether or not to sign him for 100 million until 500... If not, reach an agreement, the slugger would be a free agent after the current season… It will dawn and we will see!, as they say… The Nationals received Soto, and first baseman Josh Bell, first baseman Luke Voit, shortstop CJ Abrams, outfielders James Wood and Robert Hassell, pitchers MacKenzie Gore and Jarlin Susana...

“Cubans have a dramatic concept of goodbye. All Cuban farewells are eternal, sticky and hysterical”… Eladio Secades.-

Those who have collected 500 or more home runs in the Major Leagues are just 28. My friends at Yardbarker gave me the list...: Barry Bonds 762, Hank Aaron 755, Babe Ruth 714, Alex Rodríguez 696, Albert Pujols 686, Willie Mays 660, Ken Griffey Jr. 630, Jim Thome 612, Sammy Sosa 609, Frank Robinson 586, Mark McGwire 583, Harmon Killebrew 573, Rafael Palmeiro 569, Reggie Jackson 563, Manny Ramírez 555, Mike Schmidt 548, David Ortiz 541, Mickey Mantle 536, Jimmie Foxx 534, Willie McCovey 521, Frank Thomas 521, Ted Williams 521, Ernie Banks 512, Eddie Mathews 512, Mel Ott 511, Gary Sheffield 509, Miguel Cabrera 506, Eddie Murray 504.

Only two active players in this privileged group, Pujols and Cabrera… Aaron Judge has hit 201 home runs in six seasons and so far this season… More than three thousand minor leaguers will be free at the end of the season… They now have a chance in the Independent Leagues, in Japan, Korea and Mexico... To the youngsters who want to be bigleaguers, I suggest preparing for a profession, a trade, just in case... And to the parents, please, before everything else, be education...

“We Cubans prolong the burial ceremony just like the wedding ceremony. At the funeral we cry and at weddings we eat more than any other town in the world”… Eladio Secades.-

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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