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Another letter arrives from the Beyond

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

From George Steinbrenner to Juan Soto:

Admired Juan: I imagine that you already imagine why I am writing to you. Yes, friend Juan: I wish, I hope, that you continue with the Yankees, as is inevitably going to happen. But what worries me is that you will get distracted in the discussions and harm your game.

You must play as if you were signed by us for 15 more years for 750 million.

Obviously, you are one of the best big leaguers, not this season, but in history. But, the intricacies that are discussed when player contracts are discussed can affect the conditions of the best of the protagonists.

In case you don't know, even Babe Ruth was bothered by those anxieties. But you enjoy two great details that Babe Ruth couldn't enjoy. Firstly, you have one of the best agents, Scott Boras. When the Babe played, the players themselves were forced to discuss their negotiations. Secondly, Ruth could not declare himself a free agent, as you will be able to do in October.

Of course, so far it hasn't bothered you at all to be involved in what happens when Bora talks to our executives, sometimes including my son Hal. So I'm just warning you. Taking care of you.

Now you hit 316 and in your seven seasons you have added 286; You have already hit 15 home runs and in your career 175. Do you know, dear Juan, that Hal is a good boy, a great boy!, and he gets along very well with Boras. Furthermore, already this year he earns 31 million dollars, so you will not be hired for less than 50 million annually, perhaps 60 or more. You have already received in your career, since 2018, 80 million 300 thousand, very deserved, by the way, since, as we all proclaim, you are one of the baseball elite.

At 25 years of age, it is logical that you have your best years ahead of you, but more important than all that, is that you are a logical, typical Yankee player, like Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford were and Yogi Berra.

You have transformed our clubhouse, you have transformed our dugout and you have transformed all team action. Now we are winners.

Hear me, Juan: We're going on 35 years without winning a World Series. Can you imagine, the Bronx three and a half decades without enjoying its team in October baseball? Unheard!. In summary: I believe that you should never wear a uniform other than that of the Yankees in your life. And you are going to help us get out of this ineptitude of so many Octobers without the World Series-winning Yankees. Calm down boy, calm down. That good things always come to good people, like us. You already know what I wish for you from this Hereafter, which you call Beyond. Hugs, from George.

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