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Overdose could be Hideo Kojima's next horror game

An acclaimed Insider stated that Margaret Qualley will star in the game.

Hideo Kojima is without a doubt one of the best creative minds in the video game industry. From his beginnings with the Metal Gear saga to Dead Stranding, his most recent release has captivated Gamers. Now, it seems that "Overdose" is the creative's new visionary story.

Tom Henderson, Insider of the video game industry and recognized for leaking information on deliveries such as Battlefield 2042 & Call of Duty; mentioned through Try Hard Guides that Kojima would be working on a new title currently called "Overdose".

He mentions the leaking of a trailer for this upcoming horror game showing a character played by Margaret Qualley, an actress who previously worked alongside the producer to bring Death Stranding's 'Mama' to life.

Margaret Qualley Overdose
Margaret Qualley & Hideo Kojima

"The images show the character walking through dark corridors with a flashlight in the third person, but it has been suggested that the game can also be played in the first person. A sudden scare at the end of the footage shows 'GAMEOVER' followed by 'A Hideo Kojima Game'… 'OVERDOSE' »Henderson stated in posting it.

Some time ago, Jeff Grubb, another well-known Insider, mentioned that Hideo Kojima would be in talks with Xbox for the company to publish his next title.

This new rumor could remind Hideo Kojima and Konami's canceled Project PT; however, the Japanese company has already set to work to revive said franchise.

Kojima Productions may have a stake in the Game Summer Fest this week, but it is important to mention that "Overdose" has not yet been mentioned by any official means

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