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Electronic Arts responds to possible acquisition rumors

Andrew Wilson, current CEO of EA breaks the silence several months after the rumor started.

It is known that 2022 started strongly with acquisitions such as Activision Blizzard by Microsoft and Bungie by Sony. During these last months, rumors affirmed that Electronic Arts was looking to merge with companies like Disney, Amazon or NBC Universal. Now, Andrew Wilson, current CEO of the company, has finally cleared up the doubts.

Andrew Wilson – CEO of Electronic Arts

During the first weeks of the beginning of the rumor, Electronic Arts refused to offer a statement on the matter. However Wilson stated that Electronic Arts could "not be in a stronger position as an independent company".

In addition, he stated that the company's goal is to keep its players and shareholders happy and that the current way of doing it does not seem to leave much performance on the table.

“Our goal is always to take care of our people, our players and our shareholders. If there was ever a way for us to do it differently than we do today, of course I have to be open to that, but I would tell you today that we feel very confident and excited about our future."

The company's release schedule for major titles looks promising. games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, FIFA 23 coins, Skate 4, Need for Speed o the rumored Black Panther game accentuate the CEO's statements, showing that EA can still stand on its own without being acquired.


Following these statements and an overall net income of $1.78 billion in the last fiscal year, it seems unlikely that EA will be acquired by a larger company in the next few years.


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