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Luis Britto Garcia


Luis Britto Garcia (Caracas, 1940) Narrator, essayist, playwright and screenwriter. He has authored more than 60 titles: “Rajatabla” (Casa de las Américas Prize 1970) stands out in narrative, of which Eduardo Galeano affirmed that “it stands out for its technical prowess, the effectiveness of the style, the audacity of the purposes, the association skillful with ideas and anecdotes, penetrating lucidity, power of fantasy, the capacity for synthesis and, above all, for his victorious way of throwing acid in the face of an ultramodern civilization ”. He also wrote "Abrapalabra" (Casa de las Américas 1969 Award), which Salvador Garmendia considered "a literary feat". He also published "The fugitives", "Arms candle", "The imaginary orgy" and "Ark", among others. In theater he captured his lyrics for "La misa del Esclavo" (Latin American Dramaturgy Prize Andrés Bello 1980); "El Tirano Aguirre" (1975 Municipal Theater Award), "Venezuela Tuya" (Juana Sujo Theater Award in 1971) and "Me Río del mundo" (Pedro León Zapata Humor Literature Award). As an essayist, he published “Investigation of some media above all suspicion” (Ezequiel Martínez Estrada Prize 2005), as well as “Demonios del Mar: Corsairs and pirates in Venezuela 1528-1727” (Municipal Prize, mention Essay 1999), to name a few works . He was a screenwriter for the film "La planta insolente" by Román Chalbaud and they will soon work again on another film called "Muñequita linda".

Britto García has been a faithful promoter of the transfer of Aquiles Nazoa to the National Pantheon.

In 2002 he obtained the National Prize for Literature, in 2010 the Alba Cultural Prize in the mention of Letters and in 2020 he received the Aquiles Nazoa Prize that accredits him as Patrimonial Carrier of Venezuelan culture.

Some of his books: