The podcast of Últimas Noticias, is a weekly information and opinion space of the newspaper Últimas Noticias hosted by journalist Ysabel Baena. Every Friday we review the most newsworthy of the national news scene with Alberto Cova, Director of Content. We bring you the different edges of a current issue with the opinion of specialists, protagonists, correspondents and people of national life. We also share the artistic news in the musical field. News and good music so that you close the week in context.

Relaxation of quarantine in Venezuela. MAS victory in Bolivia. Plebiscite in Chile. The new from Ana Tijoux

In this episode we talk about the first week of easing in Venezuela, through the 7 plus 7 plus method. We also talked about the triumph of the MAS in Bolivia and the scenarios that open with this electoral result. We analyze the political landscape in Chile on the first year of the popular rebellion and a few days after the plebiscite for the new constitution. We also share the news of the singer Ana Tijoux.

23 October.

Announcements for the holiday economy. Cryptoeconomics in Venezuela. The Maelström by Fito Páez

We spoke with the Chief Content Officer at Últimas Noticias, Alberto Cova, on the information that marked this week: economic announcements made by President Maduro for Christmas and flattening of the contagion curve for Covid-19 in the country We talked about cryptoeconomics in Venezuela with José Ángel Álvarez, president of Asonacrip ; with Mauricio Ruiz, connoisseur of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology; as well as with Juan Blanco, CEO of BitData consultants, to learn about different aspects of the topic of cryptocurrencies. We also share the latest from the Argentine singer-songwriter Fito Páez, “Maelström”.

16 October.

Anti-blockade Law approved. Treatment of Human Rights in Venezuela. Vote of Argentina in the UN. "Ensombrar" by the singer-songwriter José Delgado and the Caracas Synchronic group

We spoke with the Chief Content Officer at Últimas Noticias, Alberto Cova, on the information that marked this week: the approval of the Anti-Blockade Law for National Development and the Guarantee of Human Rights, as well as the resolutions on Venezuela approved at the UN Human Rights Council this week. We interviewed Lucrecia Hernández, lawyer, activist and director of Sures, about human rights in the country and the treatment that Venezuela is given in this matter. We consulted the journalist and political analyst Bruno Sgarzini for his analysis of Argentina's vote against Venezuela at the UN and the controversy that this generated in both countries. We share with you the news of the Venezuelan singer-songwriter José Delgado and the musical ensemble Caracas Sincrónica. “Ensombrar”, a work by the creative laboratory Ciudad Canción.

9 October.

Anti-Blockade Law. Real effects of sanctions on Venezuela. Venezuelan Latin Jazz with “A Trío” ..

In this new episode of the Podcast of Últimas Noticias We bring you the most important news of the week with Alberto Cova, Content Director: presentation of the Anti-Blockade Law before the ANC, meeting between Maduro and Bachelet, as well as the protests in Yaracuy. We also spoke with the Deputy Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies, William Castillo, about the Anti-Blockade Law and the impact of the sanctions; We bring you the economic vision of the blockade with the economist Pablo Giménez; and the political perspective with the sociologist Ángel González. We also share the single “Imaginación y resguardo” with Venezuelan musicians Alfredo Naranjo, Robert Vilera and José “Mortadelo” Soto.

2 October 2020

Maduro at the UN. Challenges of distance education. "The ugly arts" by Sandino Primera.

This is the first episode of the Podcast of Últimas Noticias. We bring you the informative panorama of the week with the director of Content of the newspaper analyzing the speech of President Maduro at the UN. We talked about the start of the new school year at a distance with a mother, a psychopedagogue and a microbiologist to learn about the experience and the implications of this measure taken in a pandemic for the protection of the population. We also share with you what is new about Sandino Primera, who tells us what this musical artistic project is about.

25 September 2020