I fell in love with a polyamorous

What's a woman who believes in monogamy to do if she ends up crushing on an advocate of open relationships?


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Lavrov warns that the West intends to anchor an "anti-Russian" policy

The president of the Russian Duma said that the countries that do not support Washington represent the majority of the population of the planet

Putin: Exit of some foreign companies helps Russia

The Russian president said that both the country's production and business have already grown under the current conditions of sanctions

Putin rejects "theft" of Russian assets by the West

During his speech at the Eurasian Economic Forum, the Russian president said that the violation of the rules in the field of finance will only bring problems to those who do so.

China calls for greater effort and not to "add fuel to the fire" in Ukrainian crisis

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described France's mediation efforts as positive, and stressed that his country maintains a constructive role in resolving the conflict.

Moscow Demands Arrest of Kyiv Prison Director for Torturing Russian Prisoners

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Moscow military hospital on Wednesday to learn about the state of the Russian soldiers injured in the special military operation in Ukraine.

Maduro highlights the courage of governments that reject the erratic call of the US

He considered that the struggle of several generations to raise the flags of dignity so that the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean are respected has been worthwhile.

Maduro highlights the courage of governments that reject the erratic call of the US

He considered that the struggle of several generations to raise the flags of dignity so that the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean are respected has been worthwhile.

Managing complaints via Venapp is very easy

Users and users will be able to generate reports of social services and citizens, directly with the entities

New rules for covid-19 to enter Venezuela

Inac informs that as of May 30 new rules apply to enter the country


Elections in sister Colombia

Read here Stop Suffering by Luis Britto García

Rafael Simón Urbina, murders in 1929

Read here the article by historian Gerónimo Pérez Rescaniere

Journeys to the afterlife and theory of relativity (I)

Read here the analysis of the historian Vladimir Acosta

Summit of the Americas

Read here Stop Suffering by Luis Britto García

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Data UN

Influencers have 21% of selling power in Venezuela

Although they reach more to those under 40, those who convince better are the middle-aged.

ÚN data: Ven App reinforces the digital independence of the country

76,3% of our audience associates the new Venezuelan social network with sovereignty.

ÚN data: two years after the pandemic, Venezuela has the lowest levels of contagion in the region

We have fewer cases per 100 inhabitants than any country in South America.

ÚN data: we prefer Latin music and we listen to it on YouTube

More than two thirds prefer to listen to salsa, boleros or Venezuelan music than other rhythms.

Leader in Sports

Jaramillo reached 1.400 wins in North America

It was in the first race of the Gulfstream Park program last Thursday

Michel Mickaelle debuted in the US

The famous French jocketta arrived in second place with the mare Good Measure

Anthony Santander dispatched the 8th. home run of the year

The right fielder has seven homers against his divisional rivals

Carlos Carrasco led the Mets to victory 30

The “Cookie” placed his mark at 5-1 after nine presentations in 2022

Gleyber Torres reached 82 home runs in the MLB

The man from Caracas hit his first home run in the roofed Rays park

Jesús Aguilar knocks on the door of the 100 Club

With his sixth home run of 2022, the powerful Venezuelan reached 20 RBI

Daniel Dhers advanced in the FISE World Series

The Venezuelan stood out in Montpellier, France

“Pékerman is a world name”

Venezuela prepares to face Malta this June 01

Science and Technology

A large asteroid will pass close to Earth

It will pass about 4 million kilometers away from Earth equivalent to 10 times the distance of our planet and the Moon

One in 10 people can be conscious while under anesthesia

About one in 20 patients experienced pain from their medical procedure

Learn about the 3 most dangerous types of malware for Android

Experts warn that the most dangerous are ransomware, banking Trojans, and RATs

They develop new technology to clean oil stains in the sea

Scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico use a technique to decontaminate water

Bees, essential insects for humanity

Every May 20, World Bee Day is celebrated, insects that have a great impact on global food production

European Union approves new pill against insomnia

The drug is taken 30 minutes before bedtime, and should be used with caution in the elderly population, patients with psychiatric disorders, and those with symptoms of depression.

New Galaxy A53 designed to be modern, functional and sustainable

The new Galaxy A53 5G has a 64MP OIS camera

Total Lunar Eclipse of #15May: Everything you need to know to fully enjoy it

The phase of totality, where the Moon will remain darkened with a reddish color (super blood moon), will occur between 11:29 p.m. on Sunday and 12:52 a.m. on Monday the 16th.


Pure chocolate


They will present three plays in Guarenas

#Miranda The playwright Noreida Flores will present these pieces of her authorship at the House of Culture in Plaza Bolívar

They will premiere Requiem by Leoncavallo

With functions on Saturday 29, at 4:00 p.m., and on Sunday, at 11:00 a.m.

They celebrate 300 years of the founding of Villa de Cura

#Aragua Locals will enjoy the festivities in honor of La Villa with more than 80 recreational and cultural activities

Join efforts for poetry and ecology in the MAO

This Saturday, May 28, the poetic anthology "Poesía, Oficio Puro" of the movement of poets and cultists of the Literary Front Oficio Puro will be offered


Bram Stoker's Dracula, 125 years of immortal fear

The work was first published on May 26, 1897

Chronicle of the end of the world from a terrace

#Books 'Back to where' by Antonio Muñoz Molina

Five minutes from the Third War | By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The writer tells us about the dramatic night of November 5, 1956, in which the fate of humanity was in the hands of five men.

A mysterious case of misunderstood art

'Masterpiece', by Juan Tallón

Your pet

The race to save and avoid the extinction of the spectacled bear

Government, scientists and communities seek to conserve and increase the population of the species

Dog and cat oral hygiene is important

Age is a determining factor, because food accumulates, creating this hard layer around the teeth, which ultimately causes problems.

My cat urinates everywhere

My cat had urinary problems and I didn't know it

The silence was broken: They capture the song of a toad considered mute for a century

The fine sound of the Rhinella festae would show that all species of toads sing

Priest brings abandoned dogs to his masses to be adopted

The parish priest feeds the abandoned animals, bathes them and cares for them until they find a home

Felipe the puppy got a second chance

The puppy met his new owner, after he lost his pet.

These are the animals that bear the name of a famous

Many species are named after politicians, singers and entertainment artists

Noah, the hen rescued from a farm in Chile

The chick was saved from certain death, today she lives on a farm where she is very spoiled