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Russia will respond reciprocally to NATO deployment in Finland and Sweden

Putin stressed that, from the point of view of membership, he is not opposed to joining the alliance.

Syria recognizes Donetsk and Lugansk and Ukraine breaks relations

Upon hearing the news, Zelensky announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Syria

NATO targets Russia and calls it a "threat"

Türkiye, Finland and Sweden signed a memorandum with which Ankara stops opposing NATO accession

Gazprom resumed supply to Europe through the TurkStream gas pipeline

On June 18, Gazprom announced the suspension of work due to annual maintenance.

Biden: G7 to announce ban on Russian gold imports

Most European refiners gave up new gold from Russia for its special operation in Ukraine

AN approved by qualified majority Law of Special Economic Zones

The law seeks to preserve the independence of the Republic, said Jesús Faría

AN approved by qualified majority Law of Special Economic Zones

The law seeks to preserve the independence of the Republic, said Jesús Faría

Petro asks to investigate murders of social leaders

This Thursday, Carlos Hernández, a Colombian deputy for the Liberal Party, was assassinated.

Russia withdraws from Snake Island as a gesture of goodwill

The decision was made to facilitate the export of grain from Ukraine


Preparing the attempt on the life of the Liberator

Read here the article by historian Gerónimo Pérez Rescaniere

West V. The landslide 2

Read here the analysis of the historian Vladimir Acosta.

Colombia: twelve tasks for Petro

Read here Stop Suffering by Luis Britto García

Harder than looking for a needle in a haystack

Read here Alvin Lezama's analysis

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Data UN

ÚN data: Venezuelans prefer Instagram, but TikTok has been growing

75,3% use Instagram and 45,76% use TikTok, young women are leading the trend.

Influencers have 21% of selling power in Venezuela

Although they reach more to those under 40, those who convince better are the middle-aged.

ÚN data: Ven App reinforces the digital independence of the country

76,3% of our audience associates the new Venezuelan social network with sovereignty.

ÚN data: two years after the pandemic, Venezuela has the lowest levels of contagion in the region

We have fewer cases per 100 inhabitants than any country in South America.

Leader in Sports

Christian Palacios hung the gold in the welterweight

Venezuela adds eight medals in Valledupar boxing

Luis Garcia silenced the Yankees

Bolívar's "Centauro" ended the month with a positive mark to place his record at 6-5

Acuña Jr. will start in the All-Star Game

The Venezuelan outfielder received the most votes in the National League

Curry style! Andrés Giménez sent Minnesota to sleep

The Venezuelan infielder closed a great month of June in style

Venezuela added double silver in speed canoeing

Ray Acuña and Edward Paredes were the protagonists in the Ciénaga de Zapatosa

Valrazio is going for his second Armed Forces Classic

The steed from the La Primavera stud farm is in optimal condition for his commitment

Equestrian progress in Paraguaná

Great Warrior to triumph on June 24

Willson Contreras remains in the home run fight

The Venezuelan receiver reached 13 homers and 34 RBIs in the campaign

Science and Technology

WhatsApp allows you to block "last connection"

In WhatsApp you can also uncheck the read confirmation

You can help identify clouds on Jupiter

Volunteers help classify images taken from the Juno spacecraft

How to delete unnecessary files from your WhatsApp

This WhatsApp tool will help you free up storage space on your mobile device

European-Japanese space mission approaches Mercury

This is the second flyby of the space probe, it is expected to reach the planet's atmosphere in 2025

Huawei offers its technology to promote environmental conservation

It seeks to apply technology in the fight against the extinction of plants and animals

NASA astronaut will train with Russian cosmonauts who will go to the ISS

Astronauts will participate in the 70th expedition to the orbital platform

Aligned stars will put on a show

This alignment of planets has not occurred since December 2004

Google agrees to pay for Wikipedia content

Google has previously given money to Wikipedia through donations and grants.


Pure chocolate


Deadline extended for III Biennial of Literature Lydda Franco Farías

The winning work will be published by Monte Ávila Editores

Commission installed to transfer historical memory of Miguel de Buría

#Yaracuy The commission will collect the necessary material on the life and work of Miguel de Buría

How El Sistema de Venezuela transformed a Scottish neighborhood

The Raploch neighborhood is now recognized for being a hotbed of musicians

San Pedro had songs and dances in Guatire and Guarenas

#Miranda Cultores celebrated the day of San Pedro Apóstol with masses and rituals


Between reality and fiction, memory wins

'The Book of Scars' by José Negrón Valera

The narrator who was always there

'First person singular' by Haruki Murakami

175 years of the Grammar of the language of Andrés Bello

175 years ago the most transcendental treatise on the Spanish language was published

Bram Stoker's Dracula, 125 years of immortal fear

The work was first published on May 26, 1897

Your pet

Take this test before choosing a cat as a pet

Would you be a good Karen or a good Karen Macho? Find out by answering these questions

The community kitten got a worm

The kitten Catire recovers from a myiasis in his little ear

Kitten escapes from the cage to comfort a scared dog at the vet

The friendship between these two little animals captivated doctors and nurses. Read his full story here

Lion, my cat with golden eyes

The beautiful kitty makes the whole family smile with his pranks and occurrences

A work to praise: Taxi drivers support with the transfer of furry

Pet friendly drivers save the day for protectionists and relatives of many little animals

How to act when encountering a wild animal?

Venezuela has a specialized agency in the rescue and reintegration of a wild animal

Oreo my kitty, she doesn't like petting

Oreo only allows himself to be caressed when he wants to, why?

Police use buffaloes to patrol an island in Brazil

These bovines are the perfect allies to navigate the swampy streets of Marajó